take control over the power you generate

Generate cleaner, more affordable energy in your home

Free yourself from rising utility rates by installing solar panels on your roof or property.  You will not only start seeing a dramatic reduction in your monthly budget, but you’ll be producing cleaner energy that  will positively affect the environment for generations.  We offer savings that you can feel good about.  

Why Go Solar?

$0  Zero upfront costs

We offer zero upfront costs in all the states we operate in and you won’t ever have to pay anything out-of-pocket.  All you will have to pay is a lower electricity bill.

Long term price protection

The Energy Information Administration (eia.gov) reports that utility rates are rising year over year. Suntuity Solar provides price protection throughout the length of your agreement, so you know what you’ll be paying today, tomorrow, and for the next two decades. Enjoy peace of mind in knowing your rates will never spike – it’s more valuable than you may realize.

Going solar is so much easier than you think


Complete a quick  and easy in-home consultation with one of our Solar Consultants after pre-qualifying over the phone.  If going solar makes sense for you and your family, you’ll enroll for $0 down  and we’ll start working on your custom project.


We’ll complete an assessment of your property to design the most efficient solar system.  We’ll also coordinate all of the permitting paperwork with your township so that the process is completely worry-free.


Once your system design is finalized and the permitting is approved, we’ll reach out to schedule your system installation. Once completed, we’ll work with your township to coordinate a final inspection and you’ll be one step closer to solar savings.


After your project passes final inspection through your township or local municipality, we’ll be able to activate your system. All you’ll have to do is enjoy generating cleaner, more affordable energy.