The truth behind saving with solar

Solar costs have dropped more than 70% since 2010 and is considered the cheapest form of electricity worldwide following a report released in early 2016.  Renewable energy is the future.


Pricing varies based on system size, price per watt, the state you live in and the quality and efficiency of the equipment used. The average total cost of a solar system can range between $12,000 to $30,000 (anywhere from 4kW to about 10kW) based on these factors, with a 26% federal tax deduction off the total system cost for purchased systems. The full price tag doesn’t just factor in the price of the solar panels ─ it includes other components like wiring, racking materials, microinverters or string inverters, and a monitoring system to track panel performance.

For the average middle-class homeowner, however, SunSmart America offers $0 out-of-pocket options ─ all you’ll have to do is pay a lower electricity bill while we take care of the rest. We also often install higher-than-average system sizes whenever possible in order to maximize solar production and monthly savings for each customer. The average homeowner can reduce their monthly electricity bill by up to 25% or more, depending on the system size, electricity rate, and usage, among other factors.

How much can you actually save by installing solar for your home?

Not every home is eligible for solar, which is why it’s considered an exclusive offer. Solar savings is determined by multiple factors including roof space, roof shading, tilt, utility rate, utility usage, and the state you live in. Conservatively, eligible homeowners can save up to 25% on their monthly electricity bill by switching to solar. If your bill averages $150 per month, for example, you could save more than $11,000 over 25 years. Again, this is a conservative estimate ─ many homeowners save upwards of 40-50% each month.

Financing options

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